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Texas Nurse Connection, Ltd (TNC, Ltd) is a Joint Commission Certified  Health Care Staffing Services
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Texas Nurse Connection, Ltd is also proud to inform all Facilities that TNC went through its fifth (5th ) Audit
with The Joint Commission on
1-15-2013 and maintains a zero (0)  deficiency record since 2005.

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Texas Nurse Connection, Ltd will be available during normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  After hours and on holidays and
weekends, the phones will be transferred to on call coordinator on duty and client will receive a call list with back-up numbers.
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In late 2005, the American Heart Association made some changes to their recommended CPR procedures based on the results of
scientific study.  Below is a summary of the basic changes.  The complete new recommendations can be found at

• Chest compression recommendations emphasize 100 compressions per minute, and to allow for full chest recoil after each

• Emphasis was moved from frequent switching between chest compressions and rescue breaths, to prolonged periods of chest
compressions, with fewer interruptions: 30 compressions to every 2 rescue breaths replacing the old standard of 15 compressions to
every 2 rescue breaths.

•Rescuers should resume CPR immediately after attempting defibrillation, and continue for 2 minutes, before checking for a pulse.

•When two or more rescuers are present during CPR, they should rotate the compressor role every 2 minutes.

•Call 911 first if you witness a sudden collapse of a victim, and then begin CPR. Begin CPR first (for about 2 minutes) for drowning,
overdose, or injury victims, before calling 911.

The above information is not intended to replace CPR training obtained from a professional. Please visit the
AHA website for full details.
Monthly Safety and Education Info
Resolution of complaints from Facilities and/or Staff can be directed to Texas Nurse Connection web page under Evaluation / Incident
link or by phone (325) 670-0090 or The Joint Commission may be contacted at WWW.thejointcommission.org or by phone (800)
Texas Nurse Connection, Ltd is seeking dedicated, dependable and qualified disciplines
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